Beautiful Weeds – Or things I do when I’m not studying Greek

For some reason, my wife picked a dandelion during her run this morning. Not knowing what else to do, I took some pictures. Here are a few:

PICT0005 PICT0009 PICT0014 PICT0017

Macro Photography is a definite hobby/interest of mine. It is so cool to see all the little details that you cannot see with your naked eye. So cool.

Anyway, they are all uploaded at a 1024×786 resolution if you want to download. The original 2560×1920. Leave a comment if you’d like one – assuming that I know who you are. I’m not just going to give them away to random strangers who merely found my blog via google.

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Weeds – Or things I do when I’m not studying Greek

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    1. a weed’s just a flower in the wrong place!

      and dandelions were originally brought over in the 1700s because people liked planting them. They’re not native to North America – but they sure did spread.

  1. Fantastic pictures, Mike. Our front yard is like a dandelion field. It’s so beautiful (during the yellow stage) that I didn’t mind too much. Now when they go to seed, a stiff breeze will make it look like the weather got foggy.

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