What I do when I’m not Studying Greek Part IX


I ran 5.35 miles/8.6k today. First time in a long time.

Too long.

I had been stuck at 3 miles/5k for months.

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  1. Hey, Mike.

    Congrats! I have been doing the same. I’ve run as far as 8.25 miles and have been doing 5 or more each time out.

    The 35 lbs. I have lost has certainly helped. My knees and back are not as bad as they were before.

    I’m hoping to run a couple of road races soon (a 5 miler and a 10k), so we’ll see how it goes.

    Keep up the cool blogging and running



  2. Very weird Mike. I just posted a blog today about jogging earlier this morning, then I noticed your blog post here. What’s worse, if those are your running shoes, I have the same style Adidas. I mean, exact same. Only, instead of all gray, they have a little bit of orange accents.


    Great job on the five miles though. I haven’t been able to go those distances since I hurt my knee late last fall.

    Do you run a preset course, or carry a mileage device?

    1. I typically just run for a certain amount of time and then check the distance when I get home on google earth. I’m not terribly fast these days, but I’m more interested in the distance anyway.

      1. It was bad for a while. The best I was able to do was 3/4 of a mile before it started giving. I took magnesium vitamins all semester long though and picked up jogging more aggressively once school was out and it’s come a long way. On even terrain I can go up to 2 miles now. It’s not like last year though. I could jog until I was bored of jogging. You might try the magnesium though.

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