Gems in the Biblical Scholarship

My Google Alerts e-mail for “New Testament Greek” came today and I found these couple Gems:

Will you read the original DEAD SEA SCROLLS when they come to the Internet?

Two of the comments are:

The Dead Sea Scrolls verify that the “New Testament” was originally written in Hebrew, not Greek, as the early “church” has claimed and lied about for centuries.

In fact, that was why the scrolls were originally hidden. The Jews didn’t want the Romans or Greeks to get their scriptures, so many were hidden for that reason.

It’s interesting and exciting to learn about!


NT Greek fans think the New Testament “must” have been written in Greek because Paul’s letters were circulated to groups of believers in some Greek cities like Corinth. But remember that those letters went to Jewish believers first. They had to be circulated to EVERY group of Jewish believers. That could only happen if Hebrew or Aramaic was used, because either of those languages were the common languages understood by all Jewish believers everywhere. So there is nothing problematic about the early letters and New Testament writings being in Hebrew or Aramaic.