The Gospel Message


Truly, is there any better summary and symbol of the gospel message like the Eucharist?  –I’m mean Lord’s Supper, uhm, Communion, uh, the Table of Remembrance?

I mean really.

[Okay, back to Greek]

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    1. I would have said that – my theology of the sacraments is Lutheran – but I write for a wide audience. “Summary” was supposed to hit that.

      But, Mike, all of the sudden I like you a whole lot more.

      1. Ha. That’s not the reaction I expected, but I’ll take it. Lutherans are very under-represented in biblioblogging, so I’ll back off before the on rush of Calvinists storm in 🙂

        1. I don’t necessarily agree with you, but I would say that John Calvin was closer to Luther’s view than most Calvinists today are. The problem with arguing Communion views with Lutherans is that there is remarkably little ground we would compromise. There’s a nice article here by Robert Kolb about Lutherans on Calvin.

  1. I have a view of the sacrament that is sort of Lutheran sort of not… Something other than rememberance is going on there, but I couldn’t tell you what it is 😉

    That’s what I love about my church…we practice communion every week. I can’t go back to doing it any less.

  2. My agnostic friend who’s a Jew was recently asked rhetorically by my obnoxious friend who’s a loud-mouthed evangelical Christian always pushing “Jesus”: “What do you do with The Passover Lamb”?

    The reply was: “Eat it.”

    (p.s. – the same Jew was asked not to participate when he was present at a gathering where the same Christians were considering and practicing this summary and symbol of the gospel. Ironies, huh?)

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