Just one of those times…

It’s stinks when you find a job that you know you’d enjoy and have an interview that goes incredibly well, only to go home & discuss things with your wife and conclude that financially the job won’t pay the bills.

That happened today with a very cool position at a bakery (to those of you who don’t know, I like to bake).

Thankfully, I have another month & a half to find a more sufficient position and there are a few prospects on the horizon. Even still, it’s hard to say no to a job that looked so promising originally – especially when you’ve been looking for awhile already.

Now…onto more applications & resume editing.

Thankfully, I have a contract I’m working on right now (Joshua in the Logos LXX interlinear) as well as a new casual position at a local climbing gym. We’ll be afloat just fine for a bit longer while I continue searching.

4 thoughts on “Just one of those times…

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  1. I so wish I didn’t know what that felt like, BUT . . .

    When I was looking, I interviews with a publishing house for an editor’s position. I make so much more teaching, but it was a job I would have truly loved.

    I’ll be praying for you. Looking is very hard work itself.

  2. Much continued success in job/career search. It sounds like you are well on your way to finding something that you will enjoy.

    Being a recent follower of your blog and comments on some other blogs, I wondered if you had considered teaching at all? Or ministry in some area? That seems so stamped into your heart/mind. But, it is really none of my business… just wondered. I went to Seminary and I did NOT go into full time Christian ministry. And if baking or other endeavors are what you love, then that must take first place.


    1. I do work in ministry at my church, but my church is both small and poor, so we’re not in a place for another paid worker – and the church is a great fit for my wife and I, so we don’t really want to leave.

      As for teaching, well, right now our focus in on schooling. My wife is finishing up her MA thesis right and I really am looking getting work for this temporary place in life, but yes, teaching is something I definitely plan on doing in the future.

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