Flying & Bible Software

I saw this video at Scott’s Blog. It made me think about how people complain about the search speeds in Logos Bible Software when they do syntax searches, Bible searches, morph searches, or library searches.

This stinks! I have to wait five minutes for my graphical query of every place in the NT, LXX, &  AF where an Adjective & the noun it modifiers are separated from a verb! What is this???

Come on, guys, you’re sitting in a plane in the sky — actually you could do that search while sitting in a plane in the sky! And you’d still have it done a good week before Moulton worked through Paul’s letters looking for the same construction!

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  1. That’s a hilarious clip, Mike—and right on too. It reminds me of Luther’s poignant statement that certainly applies even more in our day than it did in his:

    O how happy the dear fathers would have been if they had had our opportunity to study the languages and come thus prepared to the Holy Scriptures! What great toil and effort it cost them to gather up a few crumbs, while we with half the labor—yes, almost without any labor at all—can acquire the whole loaf! (Selected Works 1:56)

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I laugh at myself almost every day using the computer and how impatient I am or how far I have to move my hand to hit the delete key or the internet connection being down for 15 minutes can ruin my day. I’m pathetic.

  3. I have a quadcore processor on my home computer: my Logos is BLAZIN”!!!!

    In fact, it’s so fast, that when I go to run it on my laptop I’m usually quite frustrated before it even loads. I have been in the library and after about 20 seconds the music finally plays, and I shut my laptop in frustration and tink, “Screw that I’ll just do it at home.”

    I laughed pretty hard when I read your post and saw the connection you made.

    1. I never have worried about slow searches. I can do syntax in Logos and I’d rather do that anyway(and I don’t really care for Macs).

      Why are you in such a hurry?

      Incidentally, Logos has said several times on their forums that version 4 will correct any speed issues (speed issues that have never bothered me anyway).

  4. You guys just have no idea what it was like when you had to write dissertations by compiling your data on 3×5 index cards. Can you imagine how many of those must have gone into ATR’s big grammar?

  5. I just found your blog and I really enjoyed this post. This guy in this video is so stink’n true it hurts! I am 35 but I remember ALL of this! LOL! ALL OF IT! Especially the number with the “0”, man you hated dialing those people and my grandmother had three “0” because she lived in another area code LOL!
    But, seriously, I have thought the same thing so many times when I would read somebody talking about how slow Logo is. I’ve been using it since 1993 and when I started using it I was in Bible college and EVERYBODY was still doing EVERYTHING the old fashioned way.
    Carl is right, I remember those days, too. People are just so ungrateful. They are a big fat ZERO! LOL!

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