Teaching Greek with Basic Linguistic Tools

Using a couple of basic methods borrowed from linguistics, I helped a friend whose just working through first year Greek understand how the verbal system works:

Binary Features (from Phonology)
Position Class Charts (from Generative Morphology)

So simple; so basic, but today I received an e-mail from him saying,

“[Y]ou’re a life saver, this stuff makes so much more sense now, THANKS!”

These are the days I’m glad I studied linguistics.

7 thoughts on “Teaching Greek with Basic Linguistic Tools

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  1. That’s great! I would encourage you to post something here on the way you used Position Class Charts in this discussion. Maybe you could help those who have limited exposure to Generative Morphology see how they can be useful.

    I’m glad it helped your friend.

    1. They’re not really “resources” exactly…

      Position Class Charts: http://books.google.ca/books?id=eG-9Atq41_4C&lpg=PA139&ots=Ym8z_EAers&dq=morphology%20position%20class%20chart&pg=PA140#v=onepage&q=position%20class&f=false

      Binary/Distinctive Features:http://clas.mq.edu.au/phonetics/phonology/features/index.html
      (I switched phonological features for semantic features

      There’s not much more than that…I can e-mail you my charts, but they’re far from complete or comprehensive…

      1. I’m a linguistics student and learning Greek also. I would really like to ask for your class charts by email, even though they’re not complete. It would be nice to look through.

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