Suzanne Ethelwyn McCarthy, 1955-2015

This morning, I heard from Carl Conrad on B-Greek (link) that Suzanne Ethelwyn McCarthy passed away last Friday following a battle with breast cancer.

My long time readers likely know or remember Suzanne. She participated in a number of discussions about Greek lexicography, grammatical gender, and translation theory both here on this blog and several others, including and BLT*. She had a quick wit and a sharp mind and contributed some of the best lexicographical work on αὐθεντέω that I have seen–unpublished sadly.

She will be missed greatly as a friend and as a scholar.

Here obituary is here.

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  1. “Scott appears to assume that autentein means ‘to exercise authority.’ This is widely held misconception, but in fact, there is no evidence whatsoever that this was one possible meaning of the word. It is a kind of urban legend, and an instrument of deceit, a ploy of Satan, an impertinence of man, wishful thinking on the part of the immature – whatever you want to call it.

    But ‘to exercise authority’ is not a meaning of authentein found in antiquity. I have put this challenge out on the blog, and no one has offered this evidence.”

    Suzanne McCarthy, 2010

    “Can you provide any evidence …?


    The Bible becomes a piece of plasticine, fought over by this group and that, and used to restrict those who are other than the ones holding the “right” of translation. Why not focus on the unambiguous texts that teach reciprocity and mutuality? Why not think of texts that nourish and encourage rather than those that restrict and narrow, that cause depression?”

    Suzanne McCarthy, April 2014 // March 2015

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