Update to my Tense & Aspect page

I often find myself saying the same things over and over–thankfully, its usually not to the same person, but because there are new people who have encountered similar confusions in the secondary literature on tense and aspect in Ancient Greek. Well, that and the fact that I have been writing about tense and aspect on this blog for nearly a decade now.  Time flies when you’re having fun!

So today, I encountered a discussion and I knew that I had written something about it at some point. To my surprise, the post wasn’t listed on the page, so I ended up having to search for it. And much to my chagrin, I found a couple dozen blog posts about tense and aspect in Greek that would be worth making more accessible. So to that end, I’m taking it upon myself to get things more organized around here. Not only have I started putting more links on the Tense & Aspect resource page, but I’m also working to revise the titles of those posts so that the purpose and content of the posts are more transparent to anyone who is looking for something in particular.

Long term, I hope to have a better set of groupings, too. For example, I could easily have a substantial section of posts entirely dedicated to how old grammars talk about aspect and Aktionsart. And very soon, I’ll have plenty of content for a section on aspect and imperatives. Anyway, give it a look. Maybe you’ll find something you hadn’t read before or something that you have read, but particularly liked. So, okay, the second one will probably just be me.

You can either hover your mouse over the heading “Studies in Greek Linguistics” and select it from the drop down menu at the top right or simply click below:

Tense & Aspect Resources

I’m not done updating the page. There’s much more work to do. I’ve written a lot about this topic and even this is just the tip of the iceberg.

One thought on “Update to my Tense & Aspect page

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  1. Dear Mike,

    Thanks for all of your help! Learning Greek Verbal Aspect on your own is quite challenging when reading all of the ideas floating around “out there” – and all I’d like is a simple understanding on the definition of Greek Verbal Aspect that I can use! : ) Are there any other resources that you like recommending? I bought Campbell’s book because of you : )


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