Studies in New Testament Lexicography

I recently encountered this monograph on Amazon. I’m a little surprised that I had never seen it before, especially considering it was published in 2011. I’m curious as to whether anyone here has taken a look at it. I’ll be hunting for a copy to borrow and examine. I like the idea expressed by the subtitle, however. It looks good.

Studies in New Testament Lexicography: Advancing toward a Full Diachronic Approach with the Greek Language

In the latter half of the nineteenth century, scholars begin to publish works recognizing and demonstrating the early beginnings of Modern Greek, finding features in Greek writings of the first century and earlier that continue to exist in the modern language. Despite such research, New Testament lexicographers fail to systematically consult this later stage of the language when analyzing word meanings. After establishing an important unity of the New Testament with Modern Greek and a deficiency in New Testament lexicons in exploiting this unity, David S. Hasselbrook makes use of insights gained from the modern phase of the language to advance the understanding of general word senses, the construction of definitions, and the presentation of lexical entries.