BMCR: Ancient Greek Verb-Initial Compounds by Olga Tribulato

Bryn Mawr Classical Review has a nice review of Olga Tribulato’s Ancient Greek Verb-Initial Compounds that only increases my curiosity to get my hands on this volume.

Theoretically up to date and apparently full of solid and insightful analysis:

This is an all-together excellent book, and a much-needed addition to the scholarly literature on Greek word-formation. It is not a comprehensive handbook of Greek compounding (as Tribulato puts it: ‘for all its length, this book is only a “chapter” itself’, VII); yet the thoroughness of its coverage, its stimulating argument, and its rich data will make it a serviceable handbook, a reliable guide, and a call to arms for further research. A comprehensive study of Greek compounding is therefore still a desideratum, but Tribulato deserves our thanks for bringing this goal closer. The book will be an essential addition to any scholarly library for historically and synchronically oriented linguists interested in Greek, and a valuable research tool for commentators and literary scholars. It contains a wealth of philological detail, but it addresses a much wider audience than only philologists.

Ben Cartlidge, review