Forthcoming: The Cambridge Grammar of Classical Greek

The Cambridge Grammar of Classical Greek

Publisher’s description:

“This is the first full-scale reference grammar of Classical Greek in English in a century. The first work of its kind to reflect significant advances in linguistics made in recent decades, it provides students, teachers and academics with a comprehensive yet user-friendly treatment. The chapters on phonology and morphology make full use of insights from comparative and historical linguistics to elucidate complex systems of roots, stems and endings. The syntax offers linguistically up-to-date descriptions of such topics as case usage, tense and aspect, voice, subordinate clauses, infinitives and participles. An innovative section on textual coherence treats particles and word order and discusses several sample passages in detail, demonstrating new ways of approaching Greek texts. Throughout the book numerous original examples are provided, all with translations and often with clarifying notes. Clearly laid-out tables, helpful cross-references and full indexes make this essential resource accessible to users of all levels.”

So maybe after May when it’s released, we can all just go home and be done with grammar.

9 thoughts on “Forthcoming: The Cambridge Grammar of Classical Greek

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  1. However it is very expensive, but I think it really deserves to be read 🙂
    my research is about {word formation} so I need to know if this book discusses about issues related to mine or not?

    1. Any good reference grammar will certainly deal with word formation, but until it’s published, we won’t know how much detail the authors go into. We’ll just have to wait and see…

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