Information Structure, Contrast, and Gal 2:1

After well over three years and an invitation to join as a contributor, I am finally writing a post. For the most part I have been posting content directly on Facebook, but have been wanting to get back through deeper dives into topics than Facebook allows. However a great question that Christoph Heilig posted on Nerdy Language Majors prompted me to first reply and then make a video to more fully address the questions raised. Christoph is a sharp guy coming at the same kinds of exegetical problems I’ve studied, but from a different theoretical perspective gained from von Siebenthal. His questions center on the ideas of “linearization potentials” and information structure. I ended up not really addressing the former in my focus on the latter, but the discussion of Holger Diessel’s work on adverbials should have helped to some extent. Based on the fact that I couldn’t sleep (1:00 AM) and had a fairly clear answer in my head, I decided to get up and make a video.

The slides are adapted from the paper I gave at a SEBTS conference organized by Ben Merkle and David Black in April, 2019. The videos are available here, but in order to address Christoph’s specific questions I decided to redo things a bit. My hope is that this video might set the stage for some kind of colloquium via Zoom or FB Live that would facilitate synchronous interaction. Here is my late night rant, it is now 6:00 AM and time for coffee.