Ancient Greek Around the Web

I have been neglecting sharing a series of blog posts that Brent Niedergall has been writing over the past couple months about biblical language lexicons. Thus far he has written up comparisons between a few lexicons:

He’s also started a lovely series, DIOTI Deep-Dive: Part 1, examining the connective διότι, primed from a comment that Chris Fresch made during the Cambridge Septuagint online series.

Elsewhere on the historical linguistics internet, Matthew Scarborough is continuing his long term series of examining Indo-European etymological dictionaries: Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries for the Perplexed: Latin & Sabellic. His full series is available here:

Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries: A Guide for the Perplexed

Finally, back in May, Will Ross announced the papers for the new IBR Linguistics and the Biblical Text Research Unit.