Loeb Classical Library & Logos Bible Software

There are probably a good number of people out there who would be interested in Loeb Classical Library in a digital format. My guess is that its an issue of permission from Harvard Press. But I was just browsing Amazon (read: I went there and intentionally searched), and I came across this list of Loeb Classical Library Volumes that are now in Public Domain:


So, Logos, what do you think? Will we be seeing these on prepub (which, by the way is definitely worth browsing!) soon?

Are there any votes out there from anyone else who would like to see digital & searchable editions of Loeb Volumes? I’m sure there has got to be!

4 thoughts on “Loeb Classical Library & Logos Bible Software

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  1. hey, how about some BibleWorks modules? They are user generated and work great; I have quite a few of the Classics ones. Plus, they’re free!


  2. Well, James, if anyone ever sends me a free copy of Bibleworks, I’ll do it. Unfortunately, I can only afford so much software at one time…and adding multiple copies of the same stuff in different programs isn’t high on my priority list…

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