Things I do when I’m not studying Greek: Part II

What did I do this week instead of studying Greek? Well, more cooking! Look at this delicious little endeavor:


Homemade, through and through.

There’s nothing like Chicago Pizza in Canada. The recipe was found in a newspaper by my dad back when my parents were living in Chicago and he was attending Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. This particular pizza, though, is a bit of an adaption. I used a mix of both wheat flour and white four, which turned out wonderfully. Mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, green peppers, and even a little broccoli! It was missing fresh onion though, that would have been nice. Next time. There is pepperoni only on half of it because my wife wanted only veggies. She’s pretty much a vegetarian.

We ate it last night while watching Casablanca, which is easily one of my favorite movies. There are very few that even come close.

I just wish I had a deep dish pan…