Blog Title Poll Results

The final results for my little post were:

9 votes for the change.

12 votes against.

2 Other.

But I still don’t care for “Meditations” in the subtitle and I still want to change it some how. “Thoughts” can stay, but “Meditations” has got to go. But I can’t just have “Thoughts.” That doesn’t work.

So if anyone has any good ideas about what I could replace “Meditations” with, I’m all ears.

7 thoughts on “Blog Title Poll Results

Add yours

  1. Thoughts and . . . more thoughts.
    Thoughts and . . . deeper thoughts.
    Thoughts and . . . Greek.
    Thoughts and . . . Whatever else I happen to feel like.
    Thoughts and . . . ???

  2. That new blog title looks totally macho in Bloglines. None of this sissy thinking and meditating. Learn the Greek or take a hike! Good job.

    Just another suggestion. Pictures or cats are quite popular.

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