Merry Christmas!

Here's a lovely Christmas tree in a type ornament tree stand from Caleb Alexander’s Greek grammar (1796) to enjoy for your festivities this year, shared on twitter several years ago by the blog: Coffee & Donatus: Early grammars and related matters of art and design. Recent readers will also have noticed that we have added a new... Continue Reading →

A 2016 Retrospective

Looking forward to 2017 means that I am coming up on my tenth year blogging here. That seems like quite an achievement in my practicing of narcissism. Though, in fairness, I never anticipated that I would ever end up with the website that I have built up here over the years. The success of Koine... Continue Reading →

An interview with Rachel Aubrey

Our friends and colleagues at Old School Script have released a new edition of their interview series: Scholars in Press. My wife and occasional contributor here at Koine Greek is the most recent respondent. Scholars in Press: An Interview with Rachel Aubrey Some of the interview highlights for me are: My initial interest in Greek and Hebrew... Continue Reading →

Finding a Thank you Worthy of a Linguistics Blog

I've been trying to figure out creative ways that I could say thank you to the generosity of those who have helped or in the coming days/weeks will help Rachel and I accept the invitation to present at the Cambridge Greek Verb Conference. GoFundMe Campaign For the Conference Also: with the news of an additional funding source, I've reduced... Continue Reading →

Amazing Response Already – Thank you Everyone

Rachel's jaw dropped when she saw the generosity that readers and friends have demonstrated since yesterday. It looks like I'll be blogging about at least one presentation from the conference. And perhaps, I should lower the bar, too, so that every $200, I'll blog a presentation. That puts the next one within striking distance at $65 more.... Continue Reading →

Chris & Kris, who blog about the intersection of biblical studies and linguistics at Old School Script have posted an interview with me as a kick off to a new series of interviews that they're putting together. Scholars in Press: An Interview with Mike Aubrey

Happy Birthday Tischendorf

Constantin von Tischendorf, the great textual critic and New Testament scholar turns 200 years old today. Pour a glass of wine and give him a toast (maybe not till this evening). And then maybe spend some time reading his 8th edition, rather than your Nestle/Aland. Or perhaps pick up Stanley Porter’s new volume about his... Continue Reading →

I don't think I'll have time for posting this week, so I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I have two or three posts on the burner that should be finished fairly soon after Christmas, though, so you can expect some more reading soon. One post will be my comments & response to... Continue Reading →

SBL 2014 in San Diego

This year's SBL annual meeting was a huge success for me: plenty of meaningful conversation with friends both old and new together with several important discussions about future and ongoing projects in Greek grammar. And because this is probably the rare occasion where my photography interfaces with what I do on this website, I can... Continue Reading →

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