Amazing Response Already – Thank you Everyone

Rachel’s jaw dropped when she saw the generosity that readers and friends have demonstrated since yesterday.

It looks like I’ll be blogging about at least one presentation from the conference. And perhaps, I should lower the bar, too, so that every $200, I’ll blog a presentation. That puts the next one within striking distance at $65 more. What’s been raise so far, should cover our housing for the conference, which in and of itself is pretty huge. And it gives me a little more confidence that we can go ahead and officially register.

I’ll be doing that this week. There’s still a ways to go, though. And I don’t really expect to be able to raise the full $3000 that I set it up for. Still, your kindness already have gotten us farther that we could have gotten on our own.

In the next day or two, I’ll be sharing a new idea I had for saying thank you to contributors.

Contribute: Cambridge Verb Conference Trip