Finding a Thank you Worthy of a Linguistics Blog

I’ve been trying to figure out creative ways that I could say thank you to the generosity of those who have helped or in the coming days/weeks will help Rachel and I accept the invitation to present at the Cambridge Greek Verb Conference.

GoFundMe Campaign For the Conference

Also: with the news of an additional funding source, I’ve reduced the total estimated costs by $500. That was nice.

This is what I came up with yesterday.

Book Reviews.

What if I write book reviews at particular milestones. The first contributor to the campaign will get to choose a Greek or linguistic monograph for me to review I’ll be sending a list of possible to that contributor in the coming week.

After that, whichever contributor who helps us get past the $500 mark will also get to choose a book for me to write a review of here.

Then whoever helps us get past $750 will get to choose a book for me to review.

Then $1000 and so forth. You get the idea.

Now when I say “get past” that means if someone contributes $100 and gets us to $485, a person could donate $15 and that person would be the one who would get to request the book.

The review will be around three to five pages long.

Of course, this will be in addition to my blogging of conference sessions at the same milestones.

Updated: Looks like I’ve got two reviews to write now. I’ve sent a list of options to our first decider. We’ll see what I’m reviewing some time in the next week.