There is a lot of significant work on Ancient Greek that came out in the 19th century. Some of it was by native Greek speakers. The challenge is that during that period, the politics of language in Greece was a source of constant debate and argument. Many times the ancient language was used as a... Continue Reading →

The myth of the synchronic-diachronic dichotomy

The overarching dialectic treated in this work is framed in terms of the familiar ‘synchronic-diachronic’ opposition indicative of 20th century linguistic dualism. Taken as a strict dichotomy, synchrony and diachrony are, ipso facto, irreconcilable. If we distance ourselves from the old essentialist presuppositions and approach the actual unfolding of language use and linguistic cognition in... Continue Reading →

Robert Crellin's Ph.D. dissertation is now available in monograph form at an incredibly reasonable price (retail of $40, currently $33 on Amazon) in the Publications of the Philological Society Series. The syntax and semantics of the perfect active in literary Koine Greek (Amazon) It's an excellent piece of research. He and I have some differences... Continue Reading →

I recently got an e-mail notification that Robert Beekes'* (2010)  Etymological Dictionary of Greek has received quite a dramatic price drop on its prepublication page (link). Going from over $500 downs down to a much more comfortable $105. This price change on the part of moves their pricing from that of the hardcover edition's $550 (Amzon for... Continue Reading →

Which intro textbook would you use for NT?

If you were going to be writing a summary/introductory discussion of New Testament studies for people who aren't New Testament scholars, which introductory textbook would you use? Introduction of the New Testament by Henry Clarence Thiessen (1958) Or maybe one of these? An Introduction to the New Testament by D. A. Carson & Douglas Moo... Continue Reading →

Last Chance: Lexham Methods

The Lexham Methods Series is going to be leaving prepub at very soon. It'd be worth it to grab the volumes a prepub price before they get released. I had the pleasure of contributing two of the chapters in the linguistics volume and co-authoring a third, though I don't see that one listed in... Continue Reading →

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