Diachronic Prototype Semantics

I got my hands on this little guy last week: Dirk Geeraerts' Diachronic Prototype Semantics: A Contribution to Historical Lexicography. It's an older volume--1997, but really insightful. Geeraerts knows the field of semantics and lexicology and its history with a depth and degree of thoughtfulness that the vast majority of us can only aspire to... Continue Reading →

Power Point Presentation on Greek Syntax Databases

I uploaded a power point presentation on Greek syntax databases that presented at BibleTech 2010. It's available for download there. The content is somewhat dated. The situation has changed since 2010 (particularly with some new databases since spring 2010), but many of the same questions and issues continue to remain today. Greek Syntax Databases: Retrospect... Continue Reading →

A few more forthcoming books of note

In catching up on this blog and trying staying afoot with the advancement of Greek language scholarship, I ought to point out a few new monographs that are soon to be released. As usual, they probably aren't within the budget of the average student or scholar. Early Greek Relative Clauses by Philomen Probert Some of... Continue Reading →

On critiquing scholarship…

For the past couple years now, I've generally held back on criticizing other published works of others (with a few small exceptions). This has mainly because of pushback that I've gotten from people like Rod Decker on the question, who has pointed out a couple of times that perhaps my lack of experience with the... Continue Reading →

Logos Bible Software 5 is Here

Logos Bible Software has released the new version of their flagship project: Logos 5. It incorporates some massive changes in datasets and built in resources while keeping much of the user experience quite similar to Logos 4. I had originally intended to have a useful post ready this evening surveying how tools for studying Greek... Continue Reading →

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