Stanley Porter is Blogging

I'm quite pleased to see this. Hopefully, we'll see some good Greek blogging coming from him. I've always been extremely curious about how his views about developed over the past two decades. Beyond the tense-aspect debate, I have greatly appreciated his work--particularly in his recent introductory grammar. Depending on what he does with his blog,... Continue Reading →

New Linguistics Blog in My RSS Feed

I came across a new linguistics blog today: SportLinguist: exploring language and culture from a cognitive perspective Those of you who are interested in such things, should check it out...and I know I have at least one or two readers who do...though many of you visit here for other reasons...

Greek Blogs – A List

There are likely dozens of other blogs that discuss Greek. In fact I know there are. But the majority of NT blogs tend to be more interested in historical and theological questions than linguistic ones. These blogs will mention Greek in passing or make a comment about a particular word or phrase, but its neither... Continue Reading →

Greek Blogs

I complained about the dearth Greek blogs recently. But in a great conversation about particples at Text, Community & Mission, I've found that Dr. Micheal Palmer began a blog back in March of this year. He and I had e-mailed each other a bit a while back about discontinuous phrases last year and he's made... Continue Reading →

New to the Blogroll

I just added New Testament Interpretation to my blogroll and my Google Reader. Its written by David Stark, a PHD student under Andreas Köstenberger at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He's been blogging since December and it looks like he's already developed a pretty nice collection of posts on a variety of topics - note the Greek ones, especially. Let's... Continue Reading →

Compliant Subversity

I've comes across a new blog via - Nathan's comments:Compliant Subversity. The author has some excellent thoughts on language and translation. Particularly this post about "Sins and Errors of Language and Translation Thinking." If that title interests you, be sure to give it a read. Its an excellent post. There are a number of other... Continue Reading →

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