Logos Bible Software 5 is Here

Logos Bible Software has released the new version of their flagship project: Logos 5. It incorporates some massive changes in datasets and built in resources while keeping much of the user experience quite similar to Logos 4. I had originally intended to have a useful post ready this evening surveying how tools for studying Greek... Continue Reading →

To All You OT Guys

Mike Heiser has just blogged about a number of Old Testament projects at Logos that are literally a handfull of orders away from going into production/development -- including the Göttingen LXX, the critical edition. Seriously awesome. HERE.

TLG Update

Nick Nicholas over at Ἡλληνιστεύκοντος has made some very handy and excellent notes about recent updates: TLG updates.

Big CBT News!

Many of you know that I was the New Testament chair of the ESV translation. This project has consumed thousands of hours, most of them enjoyable. I am happy with the ESV. As a formal equivalent translation done in the translation stream of the KJV / ASV / RSV, it has proven itself. And while... Continue Reading →

Danker’s Concise Lexicon

James Spinti of Eisenbrauns just posted the following to the B-Greek list: I just received Danker's new Concise Lexicon and thought you might like to know a bit more about it. In the preface, he says that it is not an abridgement of BDAG, although it owes much to it. It is also not a... Continue Reading →

Two Very Different Reviews

Recently two bloggers wrote reviews of Leland Ryken's new book on translation: Understanding English Bible Translation (which I cannot link to for purchase with a good conscience). One of them is written by Tim Challies, a self-employed web-designer with a degree in history from McMaster University, whose also done some interesting writing on culture &... Continue Reading →

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