Danker’s Concise Lexicon

James Spinti of Eisenbrauns just posted the following to the B-Greek list:

I just received Danker’s new Concise Lexicon and thought you might like
to know a bit more about it.

In the preface, he says that it is not an abridgement of BDAG, although
it owes much to it. It is also not a reworking of his earlier (1983)
Concise Lexicon. Rather, it is a fresh work that owes a bit to many
sources, including a modern Greek, a Ms. Krug, who offered insights that
he found helpful (this follows nicely with the recent thread on Greek NT
scholarship by modern Greeks). In fact, they even changed the title page from
the original  to include her name.

The entries are short, with a brief etymology (where known), a
definition, glosses, and references for the gloss. As befitting a work
of this sort, many irregular verb forms are listed, referencing the
correct lexical form.

I especially liked where he stated in the preface that Greek does not
exist to serve the translator and is unapologetic for coining
neo-logisms where English is inadequate.

This work certainly won’t replace BDAG, but it isn’t intended to. At
$55.00, it is more affordable for the beginning student, but I would
hope that whoever purchases it would eventually/soon use BDAG also.

(reposted with permission & with corrections, original HERE and HERE)