Logos Bible Software 5 is Here

Logos Bible Software has released the new version of their flagship project: Logos 5. It incorporates some massive changes in datasets and built in resources while keeping much of the user experience quite similar to Logos 4. I had originally intended to have a useful post ready this evening surveying how tools for studying Greek... Continue Reading →

Logos 4 is Finally Here

Today is a day that I have been waiting for quite some time: LOGOS 4 Over the past few months, Logos has been kind enough to allow me to participate in the private beta testing of their (formerly) forthcoming version of their library system. And let me tell you, it has been exciting. The new... Continue Reading →

Academia & Libraries

There aren't too many librarians in the biblioblogosphere. But there are a few. I know of at least James Darlack over at Old in the New. But the issue I'm linking to here is serious enough that it actually should concern any professor or anyone who uses a library. The OCLC End Game ... But... Continue Reading →

Greek Texts Online

This is one of those developments that I kind of want to keep to myself, but also too exciting not to talk about. The University of Chicago has set up a new mirror site for the Perseus Digital Library. They're using a different Engine than the rest of the sites AND its much faster. For... Continue Reading →

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