Cambridge Greek Verb Conference – We need your help

Go Fund Me (or ‘Us’, I should say).

Many of you are likely aware that this coming July there is going to be an academic conference on the syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of the verb in Post-classical (Koine) Greek. I wrote a post about it when it was announced.

Here’s the official flier:

What many of you likely do not know (and isn’t in the official announcement) is that both I am my wife, Rachel, have been specifically invited to share our research on the Greek verb at the conference. I will be applying the methodology I developed in my thesis to aspect and imperatives (something I did not have space for in my thesis). My wife will be presenting her research and analysis of the cognitive motivations for the usage of the θη middle forms in the post-Classical period.

This is a huge opportunity for both of us. But we need help. Funding opportunities are simply not sufficient for covering our costs. And the incomes of graduate students are only famous for being small. To that end, I had the thought of starting up a Go Fund Me Campaign with the hope of at least covering a portion of our expenses. Even if we can raise a small portion of the funds we need, would go a long way in helping. I have roughly 800-1000 regular readers/subscribers who have for one reason or another seen value in the efforts that I have put into this website–even if it has, of late, been little more than postings about other people’s publications (sorry about that). Nevertheless, if even half of you were willing to consider skipping a coffee at Starbucks, the majority of our airplane ticket costs would be covered.

And I’m more than willing, if not eager to make any contributions worth your while academically speaking.

  • For every $250 raise, I will write a blog post surveying one of the presentations at the conference–up to eight blog posts.
  • Perhaps I could even contribute to some additional incentive in the form of a large print from my landscape photography portfolio for contributions over a certain amount ($75 maybe?)…if that’s even worth anything.
  • Leave a suggestion in the comments if you can think of any other way that I could create incentive.
  • On the incredibly rare possibility that we raise more money than we need, extra funds will be contributed to the conference itself to help other presenters expenses.

All that to say, if you’re at all willing to help my wife and I make a substantive contribution to the field of New Testament studies, Greek Grammar, Linguistics with this opportunity, please consider helping us get there.

More conference info here.

Go Fund Me (or ‘Us’, I should say).