A 2016 Retrospective

Looking forward to 2017 means that I am coming up on my tenth year blogging here. That seems like quite an achievement in my practicing of narcissism. Though, in fairness, I never anticipated that I would ever end up with the website that I have built up here over the years. The success of Koine Greek/formerly ἘΝ ΕΦΕΣΩ was quite unexpected. It likely never would have happened without the good friends I have made along the way, most notably:

There are a number of others, several of whom don’t have the same online presence they did 5-10 years ago and a few more who are relatively new voices.

Of course, I must admit that writing in this space entirely fell apart around 2012 (I wrote only  a total of 3 posts in 2013). It is difficult to write consistently while also researching and writing a thesis. And 2012 also was around the same time that the ‘golden age’ of biblioblogging sort of came to an end. Still, 2015 and 2016 have been a time of rebuilding for me and I’m looking in to ways that I can recreate this space so that content is more readily accessible while also using this space to move forward my research and writing goals.

In the next month, you will see posts that are long overdue as I try to keep promises I made back in 2015, particularly a couple of book reviews that I owe you.

Soon, also, I hope to lay out a plan that could (ideally) help me keep a mix of Greek language data, Greek grammar analysis, and literature review coming in a regular stream here. I need to move away from serendipitous writing random thoughts and opinions about language topics and create a sustained stream of research

So…here’s to 2017!

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