Mounce Responds to Strauss

Over at Zondervan’s Koinonia blog, Dr. Mounce has written a bit of response to Mark Strauss’ paper. Its worth a read.

And Bryan with a “y” has already provided some excellent comments on what Mounce has said. His thoughts are very similar to what I was thinking and since I don’t want to just repeat his words, but I do have a couple extra thoughts.

Dr. Mounce wrote, “His solution appeared to be that we should adopt a more dynamic view of translation, and then we would have gotten it right.”

Is this necessarily the case? I’m not sure. Many of the suggestions made by Strauss are represented in the NRSV, which is not a Functional translation. I think that the ESV team should examine many of the changes and see what ones can be accepted (or adjusted) in a way that doesn’t violate the ESV’s formal philosophy.

All translation committees need to recognize that they’re translations are not perfect and will always need improvement.