The ESV, RSV, & NRSV Compared

With all the discussion about the ESV, I’ve created a translation comparison that looks at how similar the ESV, NRSV, and RSV are to each other. In order to show the relationship more clearly, I’ve also included seven other Bibles, including the ASV & KJV. Each individual translation is space relative to each other individual bible. So, for example, the NET is positioned in such a way that its degree of difference from each other translation is represented correctly by distance.

In order to see more clearly, how similar the NRSV is to the ESV, I’ve included both the TNIV & the NIV, which differ by 4.2% through the entire Bible, though some books more and other less (Proverbs was changed by more than 15%).


What amazes me is that the ESV is closer to the NRSV than the TNIV is to the NIV!