Less Time for Blogging Right Now

I didn’t really think that this would happen while I “fficially” don’t have a job and am currently not taking any classes, but it has. I’ve got too much on my plate to spend time blogging. I won’t disappear; I simply won’t be writing posts everyday like I have been for the past couple months. Perhaps that’s a good thing. I will at least try to make the posts I do put up quality ones. I have a few in the pipeline, so just stick around. They’re coming.

But here’s what I’m doing these days:

  • I’m #3 on the list of people for Eric Sowell’s projects for making digital Greek texts available online.
  • I’ve also been given the wonderful opportunity to contribute to Logos’ Lexham Greek-English Interlinear Septuagint. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part of this project, though at times I feel inadequate for it when I pause to think that a good 2/3’s of my contribution was originally going to be done by scholar par-excellence David A. deSilva for 4 Maccabees, who also just happens to be (with Moises Silva) one of my very favorite Biblical scholars. I’m very thankful to have access to Trinity Western’s Library with its massive collection on the LXX (and the Septuagint Institute). I’ve had deSilva’s commentary on 4 Maccabees beside me during most of my work thus far, which has been just as much a benefit simply in reading as it has been for various literary or text critical issues. I’m also glad that the scholar preparing the Göttingen edition for 4 Macc. is a Trinity Western professor.
  • Finally, I’m working on getting everything ready for Bible Tech: 2009. Before I can begin writing a paper, I need to get things read in the database itself. My morphology has come a long way. I have the entire nominal system done and I’m working on Adjectives. I’ve also got a basic sketch of verb morphology completed already as well. Its only a matter of getting it added to the database. I’lve also got a nice lexical study going as well, which should make a nice contribution as well. My presentation will probably focus on those which I’ve put the most emphasis on – mainly Ephesians and Paul’s letters, though perhaps by late March I’ll have something from 4 Maccabees as well, considering I’m working through that text right now.

On the side, I’ve also created a 30GB partition on my hard drive and I’m testing the beta of Windows 7 on it. So I’m dual booting Vista and W7. They’re not that different, but its definitely an improvement. I’m writing this post on Windows 7 right now.