Craig Blomberg on Aspect

After reading his review of Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek, I rather curious about what his view of the subject  is expressed plainly.

What I can gather is at least this much:

  • Blomberg prefers a three Aspect system of Perfective, Imperfective, Stative.
  • He considers Fanning to be closer to his perspective than Campbell.
  • He view tense as not being encoded morphologically – or more specifically, he prefers to relegate tense to pragmatics.

I’m really curious about what a fuller exposition would look like from him.

2 thoughts on “Craig Blomberg on Aspect

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  1. Well, I suppose he might get Zondervan (or perhaps some other publisher?) to publish it as “Verbal Aspect Beyond the Basics in Biblical Greek.”

  2. I think I’d prefer something that I wouldn’t have to buy…

    His review strikes me as confirming your own thoughts on the “need” for an introductory book at this point…

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