Selling Some Books

A couple of these books are duplicates, some of them are simply books that I honestly am never going to read, and one of them I’ve read, but don’t need.

If possible, I prefer to simply sell books here. That way I don’t have to deal with Amazon or Ebay taking a cut. I’ll take either paypal or a check/money order, though the latter will have to arrive and clear before I ship. And just so you know, all prices already include shipping. I don’t tack any extra costs on beyond what you see here. That basically means that in terms of what I’m actually making, knock off $3-4 depending on weight. I’ll ship to both Canada or the US – and don’t worry about international costs, I’ll drive across the boarder to ship.

Check Amazon, they’re all decent prices, especially with shipping included (links to the ISBN’s are below).

So if anyone’s interested, leave a comment and a title (or two)

$12 – Introduction to the Old Testament by R. K. Harrison (like new condition)

$8 – The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross by Leon Morris (like new condition)

$12 – A Theology of the New Testament by George Eldon Ladd (used, good condition, no dj)

$20 – Jesus and the Eyewitnesses by Richard Baukham (like new condition)

$25 – Dictionary of Biblical Imagerybedited by Tremper Longman III & Leland Ryken (like new condition)

$12 – Paul: An Outline of His Theology by Herman Ridderbos (used, good condition, no dj)

$20 – The Gospel to the Nations: Perspectives on Paul’s Mission (essays in honor of Peter O’Brian) edited by Peter Bolt & Mark Thompson

Support my library, buy my books (yes, I’m going to buy more books with the money).

They’re all in good shape, I take care of my books. Good care of my books. I’m a librarian after all. “Like new” basically means that if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve owned the book for a year or two, it would be brand new.

I should clarify the pricing of Ridderbos though. Unlike the first nine used copies listed on Amazon ($8.03+shipping – $15.00+shipping), mine has absolutely no underlining or highlighting in it at all, nor does it smell of tabacco (as one does), has stains or soilings, or bends on the cover.

I’ll ship within a week.