Logos March Madness

Logos Bible Software has come up with a creative way for celebrating the NCAA tournament with its own book tournament:

Logos March Madness

Every book gets at least 25% off minimum and the father it advances through the brackets, the better the deal – up to 75% off. Very creative, very nice.

I’m voting for Deissmann’s Light from the Ancient East, which along with his Bible Studies revolutionized the study of the Koine Greek. Everybody should own this book – and at $50, it could definitely use a 75% discount. Its rare and out of print, but incredibly important.

For the OT, I’ve put a vote in for Douglas Stuart’s Exodus commentary in the NAC. I’ve eyed this one for some time, but haven’t picked it up yet.

Theology: Hands down the Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology. There’s just no question here.

Finally, in the popular section, you can’t go wrong with The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer. People don’t read enough Schaeffer – so thoughtful on so many important theological and cultural issues.

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