Would you notice?

If a world famous violinist, arguably the greatest musician in America, played his violin in rush hour traffic at a metro station, would anyone notice?

Pearls for Breakfast

This article is two years old. I read it back when it was first published. Its definitely worth another read though, as a profound discussion of what is beauty.

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  1. Amazing story! Thanks for passing this along. I had not heard of this before. I only live a few miles from the site of the story – L’Enfant Plaza and commuted in DC rush hour for 24 years. Sadly, I can definitely identify with the stressed out passersby who missed such a wonderful opportunity. The story reminds me to stop, smell the roses, and slow the heck down, which is not too hard now that I retired on May 31st.

  2. No, I wouldn’t have noticed. I think it’s telling that violinists noticed him. Beauty is cultured and those who can appreciate the skill involved are sure to appreciate it more than those to how it is just organised sound.

  3. It is fascinating, but I can’t help but wonder why more people didn’t recognize the quality of the music and stop to gather? You’d think there would be enough NPR/Classical music fans passing who would take note…

    Maybe if he had played John Williams’ film tunes… 🙂

    1. I’ve heard great things about the NIVAC Genesis volume. I don’t have it though, but John Walton is a great Scholar. I haven’t looked at Creation and Bless, though I know Ross is regarded highly as an evangelical.

      I have Hamilton in NICOT & Wenham in WBC, currently.

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