How well do we prepare Greek students?

I’ve written enough about language learning and how much we fail to teach students to learn the language and instead teach students about the language via grammars and lexica.

But even if we switch to discussing how well we teach students about the language, even then, do we succeed? Do our Greek students learn our classes with the skills and abilities to go beyond digging through the index or table of contents of their intermediate grammar?

Our Greek students are taught how to use the tools and write an exegesis paper. Do they have the skills to write a grammar paper? To dig through a text to determine the meaning of a given syntactic construction? Or even to analyze a function word, such as μεν?

I honestly don’t think so.

Should they be able to?

Is the ability to study and analyze grammar on one’s own a valuable enough tool for a student to understand the text that it should be taught?