Greek Grammar Research

Are there more exciting developments and research projects happening in Classical Greek grammar than there are in Koine/”Biblical” Greek grammar?

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  1. I looked at the APA program from last year and was under-impressed. The books from John Benjamins might argue for a different attitude, but I would like to see what the content contributes, no matter how attractive the titles. The problem is that I do not have the $100/volume to determine if it is worth the price, nor the time to make the library runs to BC. One that looked promising is “Grammar as Interpretation: Greek Literature in its Linguistic Contexts” edited by Bakker.

    1. Well, I think that there simply might be more Classics scholars interested in language study than Biblical Scholars, who quickly become distracted by theology (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

      I saw that book edited by Bakker too. In two weeks, Rachel and I are heading to the UBC library again to return books and I think I might photocopy some essays from that one. I’ll take requests if there are any articles you’re interested in.

  2. There might be, but they are just as distracted by literary studies, or whatever their thing is. The Classicists I’ve studied under had little awareness of major grammar debates in their fields. I’m not sure what that says of the broader field.

        1. Yes. That’s part of what prompted this. There are a number of places where Palmer has listed works on Classical Greek because nothing exists for hellenistic/koine.

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