More Thoughts on Vocab Learning

Chris Heard at Higgaion has a great discussion of how he teaches and prepares students for his exams:

In class on Friday, I conducted a brief study session for the final examination. After giving students some basic information about the format and scope of the exam, I had them take out a blank sheet of paper or open a blank word processing document and write down the names of all the biblical books they remembered studying this semester. After reviewing the list with them, I had them go back and add brief descriptions beside each book’s name. Then they spent a little time helping each other fill in gaps. We repeated this process with the names of biblical characters, and I recommended that students repeat the process again with technical terminology (tetragrammaton, theodicy, theophany, election, and so on) in their own study.

How could the study methods he describes be applied to learning vocabulary? Particularly in relation to what I said yesterday about sentences?