Teaching Greek: Differences in Audience

What do you see are the main differences between teaching biblical languages to seminary students vs. teaching them to translators? This is a question that seems worthwhile to reflect on. The one sentence answer is simply this: Bible translators and the linguists that consult and work with them already have the linguistic and grammatical background... Continue Reading →

Greek Pedagogy

I'm quickly growing to enjoy Daniel Streett's blog posts. Be sure to read today's: The Man Behind the Curtain—Or, The Dirty Truth About Most New Testament Greek Classes. Enjoy!

Streett on Reading Greek

I discovered this morning not only that Daniel Streett has a blog, but that he has written an excellent post on what it means to be able to *truly* read Greek. He really rips apart the idea of decoding and translating Greek. I love it. It looks like I’ll be adding another blog to Google... Continue Reading →

BibleTech:2010 More Musings

The past two days have been a rush of presentations, technology, and Greek linguistics.  It was exciting to meet some new people with similar interests, reconnect with others, and finally connect faces with names on the internet. There was some exciting talk about collaboration in Greek linguistics work, especially in morphology and syntax – not... Continue Reading →

Tips for Reading Greek

When you're practicing developing your Greek reading skills, here are a few suggestions: Read out loud. Read Greek in chunks -- the larger the better, even if you don't . If you can, start with at least paragraphs and work up the pericopes & perhaps even larger section At the end of each of those... Continue Reading →

Hebrew Grammar Question

My familiarity with introductory  Hebrew grammars is rather lacking, so I'm interested in some comments. My wife is beginning first year Hebrew this next week and she'll be using: Biblical Hebrew, Second Ed. (Yale Language Series) by Bonnie Pedrotti Kittel, Victoria Hoffer, & Rebecca Abts Wright. Does anyone have any experience with this grammar and... Continue Reading →

Reading Vs. Analysis Question

I'm sure many of your remember my poll a while back asking whether you placed a higher priority on reading or analysis. If you haven't voted on it, I'd encourage you to do so. I'm interested in your view. But now I have a follow up question that requires more than clicking a button: Why... Continue Reading →

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