Sometimes I feel as if they are too many people I that I want to dialogue with on this blog that I simply cannot keep up.

I have at least 5 posts that I want to write, relating to a variety of discussions that have popped up in the blogs I read.

What do you do when you cannot keep up with them all?

For me writing a good post is always a serious investment in time. And often that is time that I should spend doing other things.

Things I would like to write about right now:

  1. The Greek Noun Phrase – its always on my mind.
  2. Future education plans – what should I do next, where and when?
  3. Language Learning/Acquisition as it relates to Greek, particularly in relation to the posts being written by other bloggers right now.
  4. My camping trip from this past week. It was amazing. I hiked. I climbed. And I was really sore afterward.

Can I do all of these? Probably.

Do I have the energy to do all of these? I doubt it.

And so for now, instead, I simply post this panorama I stitched together from our hike. This is the view from Summit #1 of The Chief overlooking the city of Squamish, BC:

The Chief - Summit 1

My wife and I will definitely be going back. Total all three summits of the Chief provide a comfortable 7 mile hike with a 2000ft elevation change. There is so much climbing to do. So come visit me and bring your gear. We’ll all go together.

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    1. Hey, it worked! You didn’t go to spam and I didn’t need to retrieve you!


      I woke up with a 101 fever this morning and just threw up my lunch…(pardon the obscene description).

      So I don’t know when I’ll be blogging again…

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