Blog something worthwhile for a change

By the end of this post, you’ll have a decent idea of what I do and don’t consider worthwhile. And you probably won’t be surprised. I mean you’re one of the few, the proud, who, for some reason, find my incessant grammatical ramblings strangely entertaining. You weirdos. Why did you subscribe to the RSS feed of a blog that spends its time talking about things like Adjective Classes anyway?

But I really wish that Denny Burk would blog about Greek grammar. His dissertation was on Greek grammar. But he never talks about it. There are a number of scholars who have published on Greek grammar, whose blogs bored me to death because all they talk about it dumb cultural/political stuff. I get enough dumb stuff like that reading the news – you think US politics are crazy. Trying Canadian. They’re probably going to attempt to overthrow the government again at the end of the summer. And the way they debate on Parliament floor? My goodness. It makes US Congress look like a dinner party!

But seriously, why don’t scholars/students, who would very likely have something to contribute on interesting topics like Greek, never discuss it?

Oh wait. Right.

You don’t get 500 Google Reader subscribers when you talk about grammar all the time. You need to discuss theo-cultural/political subjects ([update: or nothing at all) if you want people to read your blog, especially if its remotely controversial.

Anyway, its frustrating. I can think of maybe five (six?) blogs including my own that regularly and consistently discuss Greek in a relatively intelligent manner as their main blogging subject.* I really wish there were more. There are plenty of blogs focused mainly on Hebrew. Why so few Greek ones? Sometimes its kind of lonely out here.

Maybe I need to start mentioning Britney Spears & Paris Hilton more. Hmmm, maybe not. I don’t want those readers anyway.

* I also know of a few dozen blogs that discuss Greek sporatically in an intelligent manner (I like those ones, I try comment on them when they discuss Greek), two blogs that discuss Greek consistently in a moronic manner (I’ve never commented on either of them), a good 50+ blogs that discuss Greek sporatically at a comfortable student level (don’t comment on those), and a disturbing number of blogs that use Greek to support their pet doctrines that just make me want to bang my head against the desk (definitely don’t comment on those).