Greek Blogs – A List

There are likely dozens of other blogs that discuss Greek. In fact I know there are. But the majority of NT blogs tend to be more interested in historical and theological questions than linguistic ones. These blogs will mention Greek in passing or make a comment about a particular word or phrase, but its neither their interest or focus. What that says about the state of Greek studies, I’m not sure. From what I’ve heard that situation is similar in Classical studies as well. The blogs listed below are the ones that jumped out at me as I perused the list of 360 blogs in my Google reader.[1] They are the blogs that actually write posts about Greek rather than merely mentioning Greek. Many of these blogs are written by students, so you won’t necessary find an impressive grammatical treatise or lengthy commentary of the text, but you will find people who are honest about wanting to understand the language better and work hard at it. And there are a few blogs on this list on this list whose authors, though not teachers, probably understands and reads Greek better than most professors.

So the blogs first and second lists though regularly dealing with the text, also consistently examine grammatical and lexical questions either as a stepping stone to or from the text. The words “regularly” and “consistently” say nothing about how often they post and should be understood in light of the content of their writing. The first list tends to be completely or nearly completely focused on Greek, even if there is the occasional post on a different subject (e.g. Steve’s howling dog). The second list tends to have a greater variety of subjects discussed, but still has discussions of Greek. The third list consists of blogs that, whether regularly or sporadically, discuss the translation and exegesis of Greek texts or issues related to Greek texts (e.g. textual criticism).

Finally, there may very well be other blogs that I’ve either missed, forgotten, or am simply unaware of. I would definitely welcome suggestions and links. I’d like to see this list grow.

Blogs that Regularly Discuss the Greek Language: (also seen as Monday’s with Mounce at Zondervan’s blog) (in Greek, my Modern Greek reading skills are extremely poor, but I can read some of this with consistent recourse to the dictionary) (not posted since January) (not posted since April; he should be back soon though) (questionable)

Blogs that On Occasion Discuss the Greek Language: (group blog)

Blogs that Discuss Greek Texts (whether regularly or on occasion): (group blog) (quiet lately) (quiet lately) (lots of Ephesians exegesis) (now: (author has inconsistent internet)

Other: (Helma Dik – not much there, though. She should write more).

Dead Greek Blogs:

[1] That may sound like a big number, but the majority of them do not post regularly and a numbe of them or dead. Practically speaking, 360 blogs converts into about 100 blog posts a day that I at least read the titles of. Typically there are only about 5- 10 posts that I actually read through each day. I just don’t have time and I’d rather read a few and be able to comment intelligently on a couple blogs that read a lot and not have time to comment at all. But I like being subscribed to so many so that when the Greek posts do come, I get to see them.