LEH – Honestly!

Sometimes the glosses provided in lexicons are just silly. And this isn’t a criticism of just LEH. All lexicons do this at some point – there are some funny definitions in BDAG if you’re willing to take the time to look.

And in defense of LEH here, the gloss is originally LSJ’s. BDAG is better, as is GELS’.

In any case, its the gloss suggested for ἀναβοάω.

Here’s the entry:


V 7168413=48

Gn 21,16; 27,34.38; Ex 2,23; 14,10

to shout aloud, to cry out


Now “to cry out” is fine, though it doesn’t fit all contexts.

But please, tell me, if you will, how in the world can you not should “aloud”???

What glosses or definitions have you come across in lexicons that are silly or completely obvious? There should really be a list of these things.

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  1. When you think about it, “shout aloud” is a sort of calque of the Greek. “Aloud” is an attempt to make sure the “ana” is somehow represented.

    In the history of Bible translation, there are plenty of calques and pseudo-calques that have gone on to enrich the vernacular.

    Perhaps when we run across these odd translations, we should not jettison them at all costs, but pick and choose among them.

    I’m not particularly enamored with “shout aloud,” though I know plenty of people who do it. But there are others that may well catch the reader’s fancy, or seem particularly appropriate as a translation equivalent, even if novel to the vernacular. In that case, I see no reason why they cannot be proposed.

  2. Is there any distinction being made in this discussion between a “definition” and a “gloss”? It seems to me there’s a clear distinction in BDAG but not in LEH. I tend to think of a “gloss” as suggestive rather than as a potential substitute for the original word in a “literal” translation.

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