LEH – Honestly!

Sometimes the glosses provided in lexicons are just silly. And this isn’t a criticism of just LEH. All lexicons do this at some point – there are some funny definitions in BDAG if you’re willing to take the time to look.

And in defense of LEH here, the gloss is originally LSJ’s. BDAG is better, as is GELS’.

In any case, its the gloss suggested for ἀναβοάω.

Here’s the entry:


V 7168413=48

Gn 21,16; 27,34.38; Ex 2,23; 14,10

to shout aloud, to cry out


Now “to cry out” is fine, though it doesn’t fit all contexts.

But please, tell me, if you will, how in the world can you not should “aloud”???

What glosses or definitions have you come across in lexicons that are silly or completely obvious? There should really be a list of these things.