Fanning’s Verbal Aspect Update

Amazon has updated the price for Fanning’s monograph in the past few days.

The price is now $135 . . . and then Amazon is charging a $57 sourcing fee. And that brings it back up to the price Amazon had been previously charging for it. Basically (I’m guessing), it appears that Amazon has copies of the book that they had already purchased at the higher price and don’t want to loose money on the books now that the price is changed. Makes sense, though I doubt many of us would be willing to order it until the sourcing fee is removed. Thus far, I haven’t seen any other price “changes” on other sites.


Is the price drop an initial frustration for booksellers who paid a higher price for their inventory from Oxford?

13 thoughts on “Fanning’s Verbal Aspect Update

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  1. Mike,

    I contacted Oxford after the price change, as I had a copy in stock. They have agreed to credit me, but I can’t lower the price until I receive a credit from them. I suspect Amazon is in the same position, but I don’t know that for a fact.

    Once I receive the credit, I will lower the price; hopefully, that will be soon…

    James (Eisenbrauns)

  2. I know it isn’t near as good as having the book in your hands, but have you approached Libronix about getting that book published via Logos.
    I would love to have it in both mediums.

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