A Constructive Aspect Post

In lieu of the discussion following my last rather negative post on Aspect, I’ve decided that I need to sit down and write a positive one. So my plan for either this week or next week is to write a post surveying what concensus we have regarding Aspect. There’s a lot more than one might think from the way a number of people (myself included) write.

4 thoughts on “A Constructive Aspect Post

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  1. Two questions: (1) Why announce what you’re going to do? That belongs to the first sentences of a new lecture; (2) Do you think there’ll be any concensus about what a consencus really is?

    1. #1. I don’t know. Maybe I blog compulsively and felt like I needed to write something.

      #2. Probably not, but I’m hoping my brain and my fingers will get together to see if one can be worked out.

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