Publishing Articles: Question

Does anyone have any advice on publishing journal articles for graduate students?

That is to say, are there any journals who might be willing to accept articles that are

  1. Written by a grad student?
  2. Have relatively technical Greek grammar content?
  3. And then also, what would be the best way to go about it?




I have a few multi-post series brewing in my head, that it had occurred to me might be better done as journal articles, but I don’t know if it would be really possible.

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  1. Many of the most reputable journals have an anonymous review process. So, the reader has no way of knowing what who they are reading and what level of education you have. Aim for the best journals!

    Also, I’ve heard that some scholars submit articles that they know will be rejected in an initial round just so that they can receive the comments in the peer review process.

  2. Mike, I strongly encourage my doctoral students to publish every significant seminar paper they write. Several of them have already published essays in an adjudicated journal I helped found called Filologia Neotestamentaria. It is published in Spain. You can go here for more information:

    FN is not reticent to publish essays with “relatively technical … content”!

    May God bless your research and writing for His glory.

  3. Mike,

    I’ve struggled with the same decision recently. I’m looking for a place for an article on Coptic grammar and one on the genitive absolute in the Apostolic Fathers. I’m not sure journals will be beating down the doors for either of those! (Though, Dr. Black’s comment was encouraging).

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