Clippings: My New Favorite Feature in Logos 4

I love the new feature in Logos 4 called, “Clippings,” which basically makes it possible to gather content from a variety of books in the same place. As a result, I’ve developed in one location a variety of discussions of the Greek Verb.

Here’s what it looks like:


By clicking on the spot I’ve highlighted, you create a new clipping:


Ignoring the very poorly written quality of my annotation (it’s hard to write with a mouse), you can see what it’s possible to add emphasis with bold, italics, or underlining in your clippings after you’ve created a new Clippings File.

But more importantly is the fact that you can then add notes and comments to the clipping itself:


I’ve gone through about a dozen grammars like this so far. Some are better than others. Swetnam on Aspect is pretty good. My biggest concern is that his highly unusual use of terminology is only going to confuse students in the long run who continue their Greek studies. And for that reason, I wouldn’t recommend his particular discussion. Anyway, that’s beside the point. We’re talking about a software feature, not a grammatical category that’s only caused confusion over the past 20 decades.

Other cool features of “Clippings” include the ability to instantly get bibliographic info. If you click here:


The Clipping “flips around” and you see this:


And you can choose whatever style you want – though sometimes there are still issues to fix, but either way, the information is still there for your citation already.

Also, text formatting is easily available for both your notes as well as the clipping itself:


And these follow the typical shortcuts: ctrl-b for Bold, ctrl-i for italics, etc.

Finally, it’s possible to create multiple collections of clippings depending on what you’re working on.


And then name it whatever you want:




New Clippings Documents are also available via the File Menu:


So cool and so helpful for collecting and annotating your information.

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