Books from 2009 Part III

A continuation from the previous two posts of books I read (completed) during 2009:



The Text of the New Testament an Introduction to the Critical Editions and to the Theory and Practice of Modern Textual Criticismby Aland& Aland

Not as readable as Metzger, but still very, very full of information. There’s stuff here you won’t find in Metzger. Get both if you can.

The Study of the New Testament: A Comprehensive Introduction (Tools for Biblical Study)by Pinero (translated by Ellingworth)

I was most interested in the discussion of Greek in this book. The book has an excellent summary of the diachronic changes in the language since the Classical period. Unfortunately, there some old problematic ideas that are stuck in it. But those one or two small issues don’t detract from the value of the discussion as a whole.

Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testamentedited by Carson & Beale

Who edited this book aside, there’s plenty of flexibility among the authors for a variety of perspectives on OT quotes in the NT to make this an excellent resource.

The Book of Deuteronomy (New International Commentary on the Old Testament)by Craigie

I like Craigie.

The First Epistle to Corinthiansby Barrett

And C. K. Barrett is always timeless.

Invitation to the Septuagintby Silva & Jobes

This, hands down, was the best none grammar/linguistics Biblical Studies book I read this year.