Book Reviews & Real Life

So for the past two weeks, I was only working one day a week at my cafe job.

And enjoying it. It was because of that very small bit of time at work that I was able to get a nice chunk of translation/interlinear work done (i.e. the job I actually enjoy), while at the same time finally getting back into blogging Greek & Greek books with a comfortable 8 posts this week minus this one.

I had anticipated it would continue, getting at the most 2 days a week at the cafe.

Didn’t happen.

Somehow, I got scheduled for 36 hours at the cafe next week.

Which means the time I had planned for finishing and posting parts II & III of my review of Danove’s book became translation/interlinear time yesterday and today.

Which is why they weren’t posted. Part II is half complete and part III isn’t started.

Best case scenario: they’ll be finished and posted by Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “Book Reviews & Real Life

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    1. The reading is done. It’s the review writing I need to do and I don’t get down time at work. beyond my lunch break.

      And it wouldn’t be difficult if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a contract with Logos Bible Software that I’m working on too.

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