Couple Recent Book Purchases

Many thanks go out to those of you who bought books from me over the past few months (Jeff, your volume should arrive by Monday — perhaps even by the end of the week). All of the books I sold in January made it possible for this major purchase:

A Grammar of the Greek Papyri of the Roman and Byzantine Periods, Volume I: Phonology; Volume II: Morphology by Francis T. Gignac

These two volumes are difficult to acquire and I was only able to purchase them from Italy because the number of books I sold surpassed my expectations. The other exciting book highlight was a volume that came from a book sale at the University of Toronto:

The Verb in the Greek Non-literary Papyri by Basil G. Mandilaras

I’m very exciting about digging through both of these volume in the coming months & years.

PS – Gignac validated my thoughts about a certain consonant cluster I’ve been rambling about lately; I’ll post on his discussion in a day or two.